My thoughts and calculations of the world created
by J.R.R.Tolkien

* Sauronīs Eye * Sarumanīs fate * Sarumanīs Schicksal

Sauronīs Eye

Although i am an addict of Tolkienīs World Middleearth since 20 years, i just recognize a few years ago, why Sauron always appears like he did: as one burning eye! This burning eye stands for his totally spiritkind of being: Sauron is out off flesh. He is unable to create any body for his own purpose. He has nearly lost his force. In my humble Opinion these eye is the so called third eye, which is named in the Chakra as the inner eye. Which is a symbol for the spiritual existence of mankind. After Isildur cut off the One Ring Sauron lost his body and was damned to be nothing but an spirit. * * * Remember, that the gods and godesses (semi-gods and semi-godesses) are just beeings of energy which are able to choose this kind of appearance they want to show as their body. For e.g. Melkor chanced his appearance for sereval times, until the curse uppon him was spoken and named which would be his name, until he was thrown out of Middlearth: Morgoth. Therefore Melkor decided to choose an appearance which will all show his great power and force : Morgoth could be translated like: " Dark-Goth-Destroyer-Of-The-World " (indeed he stands pate for Darth Vader (another thing which was stolen by Lucas)). He likes this appearance and therefore he choosed for it. * * * Because the One Ring melts in the Fire of Doom-Mountain, where it was build, Sauron faides away. By the building the One Ring he binds to much of his own magic-power into it, and therefore he lost most of his force. Thatīs the reason why he wants the ring back: he needs this part of his own magic-force back again to create a body. (That this will give him, his full power back again is a usefull pleasure for sauron). As the One Ring melted, all power, bind into it, is lost for Sauron and therefore he and his servants the Nazgul (the Ringraiths) disappeared like a candle blown out by the wind.

* Sauronīs Auge * Sarumanīs Schicksal * Sarumanīs fate*

Sarumanīs fate

These must be shown in the third an last part of the Lord Of The Rings: "The Return Of The King" (of Gondor (this King will be Aragorn)): Isengart is flooded by the Ents and Huorns (the tree sheppard) and Saruman was inprissoned by them. But it is Mithrandir who banished his power by smashing his magic wand: Remeber Tolkien bind a decisive attribute to Istari (the wizard of Middlearth) : their magic wands. A Wizard will loose his power if the magic wand will be destroyed or embezzled by anybody (remeber the fight between Gandalf and Saruman in Isengard). Sarumanīs magic wand was smashed by Mithrandir and casted of the council of the Istari. Saruman has just one power left: HIS VOICE. Saruman was killed from behind by Grimma, looses he figure, to weak to rebuilde again his spirit gone with the wind, which blown him away. Simillar to Saruon as the One Ring melt in the fire of Mount Doom: Sauron disappeared like a candle blown out by the wind. I am sure, that, like Morgoth, Sauron (and his servants the Nazgul (the Ringraiths)) Saruman is banned between Middlearth an the halls of Illuvatar (EA), that they are forbidden to go back to the holly halls.

* Sauronīs Auge * Sarumanīs Schicksal * Sauronīs Eye *

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