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Lord of the Rings
the movies from Peter Jackson

The Two Towers
(a short review)

On Sunday the 22th of October 2002 i have seen the movie The Two Towers for the first time. I am still fascinated and amazed. WOW!
You just have to see these movies from the Ring - Triology in the Cinema for the first time (if you have got enough money, see it everytime you want to see it in the cinema, or if you have go it with a videobeamer) .
Instead of The Fellowship Of The Ring i knew what i could exspect to see, therefore my exspectations were but higher then before. And again are fulfilled more then ever =)
Gollum/Smeagol has got an thrilling oufit (but i still donīt want to marry him =) ). The Actor who plays him and speaks him did a really great job. Although sometimes i thought of Donald Duck speaking (but he wouldnīt never say such naughty words, would he?)
Faragorn/Baumbart is a really good animated character, like the other Ents of Huorns. But could you tell me, why are only a few of them on the thing, and then plenty of them fighting against Isengard?
The most amazing character for me is still the flying not-to-be-named-snake-like-creature on which the Nazgul rides (fly). I really couldnīt imagine how it could look like. It was really masterpiece of work from the Weta-Studios in Newzealand
John Howe and Allen Lee (who paint the scenes to be created by the WETA - Team) leave my dreams far beyond.
Peter Jackson created a movie masterpiece. In my humble Opinion he created the masterpiece of cinematic. One (movie) Triology to bind them all , until their eyes are as large as the screen and the buttocks comined with the seats. I still must wait until eternity to see The Return Of The King
written by Stefan C. on the 26th of Dezember 2002

Die Zwei Türme (deutsche Rezension/german review )

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